7 of the Biggest Interior Trends for 2020

FLORALS Paule Marrot Anthropologie.jpeg

Paule Marrot for Anthropologie




We’ve entered a luscious interior phase, in which detail, texture and colour reign supreme. Where Coco Chanel decreed take a piece off; I now say leave them all on… or in... your gaff. Maximalists rejoice; the best home trends, of the here and now, are all about sensual courtship, says Kate O’Dowd.



Traditional chintz is back, sure, but for a floral aesthetic that’s lighter and more contemporary, look for a print like this one, which somehow melds classic painterly charm with the freshness of modern illustration. Patterns that should clash, don’t, thanks to large details and the mixing of opposing colour schools, like pastels and monochrome.

Cody Guilfoyle

Cody Guilfoyle


Where were once the sharp lines and sputnik legs of midcentury everything, we now have the curvaceous comfort of the Memphis movement. At first, the plump silhouettes might propel you into a 1980s music video, but once realised using contemporary palettes and the contrast of otherwise-influenced elements, it’s a vibe that says relax.

House of Hackney / Sarah Ellison

House of Hackney / Sarah Ellison


This year’s rattan is all about structure, molding a comforting, natural, tactile material into the types of pieces that are usually simply functional, or even cold. While previously, its home has been in the decor accessories section, this year we’re seeing large pieces of rattan furniture, which blend modernist and crafty aesthetics, and must surely feel delicious to the touch.



Had you asked me two years ago where tassels belonged, I would’ve replied “on Dita Von Teese’s nipples”. Now, I say cushions, lampshades, curtains, stationery… anywhere that can use sexing up (which is everywhere, in my book). Because, they, along with the other members of the passemententerie family (fringing, braided or beaded cord), are having their moment… and it’s a sassy one.

Lokal Hotel

Lokal Hotel


In this time of living strangers’ lives via your phone, having the strangers of a yesteryear on your wall, is tres chic. Scour local charity shops for original oil paintings in interesting style treatments, bold colours and rich textures, for a sophisticated splash of luxury and hours of intrigue surrounding just who that mysterious face belonged to. Top tip: give your subject a name, so your partner/ children/dog will think you’ve really lost it.

Glossier / Corrie Hogg & Susie Montagna

Glossier / Corrie Hogg & Susie Montagna


Though scary in bathrooms, glass bricks are joyous bringers of light, everywhere else. The key is to paint the walls on either side in vibrant shades complimentary to the room from which they’re viewed, so you get this gorgeous milky version of the desired hue. Best in spaces with plush upholstery and curved silhouettes, to dispense with dentist vibes.



If you never remember to buy flowers, or are repulsed by the idea of changing of the two-week old water you’ve been ignoring for a week, dried flowers could be your new thing. Previous to my preserving of anything that looks hardy - like Billy Balls, Thistle, Amaranth or Cornflower - I had far too many sad looking vases sitting lonesomely on shelves or mantels. Now, I have carefree colour always and am rather delighted that the trendy folks are all at this, too.

From my Irish Tatler Column, September 2019 edition