A Modern Dublin City Hall Wedding

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Megan & Olav

This cool, London-based couple wanted a wedding that was relaxed, urban in feel and popping with bright colour. So, they loved our concept of tropical plants, with a palette of bright blues and tangerine orange. Bringing these leafy babies into Dublin City Hall worked so well to enliven this historic and grandiose ceremony venue, mixing old and new, high and low, as I love to do.

The reception happened over two floors at Drury Buildings; a chilled out booth and long table dinner, with mini succulents and slim candles as centrepieces (perfect for the narrow tables, here), then upstairs to the party space, where we repurposed the ceremony plants (no waste on my watch!) to leaf-up the industrial decor. Our girl Paper Rock Flower also whipped up a hella gorgeous ceiling installation, on some exposed pipes that were really asking for it.

Olav initially wooed Megan with mixtapes and a cassette became the motif, throughout the event - so, of course, we commissioned a suitable custom neon sign for the cake table backdrop, which the couple now have on their wall at home. Oh, and those cakes were by The Flour Artist, in case your stomach was wondering.

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Photographs by This Modern Love