Our love & gatherings X IKEA Partnership

Copy of IKEA Press Event Collaboration(1).jpg

There were two things I loved about this collaboration - 

1.     No matter what, I will always get a thrill from being in IKEA

2.     I get that same thrill from watching home makeover shows


- and this project was the lovechild of both of those things. The brief from my home girls over at WHPR was to find a nice, but plain apartment, in Dublin city centre, and give it the love & gatherings X IKEA treatment, to showcase their new summer collection for press and influencers. Like, if IKEA made jobs.

First, I got to go fake house-hunting (do that every Sunday morning, anyway). Then, I got to make a fantastical and limitless shopping list, to furnish and dress the whole space, including its gorgeous garden. And finally (possibly best of all) a huge crew that didn’t include me went to the store to pick and build it all. It was actually quite nerve-wracking being on the sidelines for this part… “what if they can’t find the Industriell tea towels?”... the stress. But of course Team IKEA had it sussed. Next ensued 24hours of living my Changing Rooms life, turning this Dublin city pad from drab to fab (oh yes, I did!), with a key focus on areas for gatherings - the terraces, dining space and living area. The bedroom got some serious cosying up, too, but who’s to say gatherings don’t happen in the boudoir?

What was particularly lovely for me was that I didn’t scurry off into the shadows, once the space was ready for guests (normal doings for the humble event stylist), instead welcoming press who came throughout the day, to talk them through the design process and new IKEA collections. A welcome delight to be a part of an event in full swing.

Copy of IKEA Press Event Partnership.jpg